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Basic Input Frame

The basic input frame is used for specifying general information which is needed for all functions. Except for the functions Editor for 3d scene and Miniframe it is always visible:

Input Frame

The input frame is split into two areas: The upper part contains the geographic coordinates of the considered location and date and time, the lower part contains the parameters needed for the calculation of the solar radiation. The lower part can be hidden optionally (by clicking on the corresponding button).

Input of the Geographic Coordinates

You have to specify the geographic coordinates (longitude and latitude) of the location for which you want to conduct the calculations. If you do not know the coordinates, please read the Hints in the chapter "Tips and Tricks".

The coordinates can be specified directly in the input fields (each in degree, minutes, seconds) or by using the sliders beneath. Please note that when specifying the coordinates in the input fields, the Return key must be hit in order to trigger a new calculation.

For the calculation of the radiation the altitude of the location is relevant. It can be specified in the corresponding input field.

Once specified, the coordinates can be saved under a name: Type the name in the text field in the top line and click on the button Save. Locations which are not needed anymore can be removed with the button Delete.

In the top line on the right a button can be found for showing/hiding the sliders.

Input of Date and Time

Date and time are specified similar to the geographic coordinates: Either directly in the input fields (date: first month, then day) or by using the sliders (which can be hidden). Furthermore, the timezone can be specified. For the Central European Time, e.g., the entry GMT+1:00 must be chosen.

By clicking on the button Current the current date and time is retrieved from the system. This can also be done automatically with an arbitrary period.

In the bottom line it can be chosen whether the daylight saving time (DST) shall be considered. If you select it and then click on the button Current, the corresponding data for the current year are retrieved (this way you can find out the DST period in the current year).

Input of Parameters for the Radiation Calculation

The following parameters must be specified for the radiation calculation:

Monthly Mean Values for Cloud Cover

Monthly mean values are provided by specifying the duration of the sun shine for each month. When clicking on the button Monthly Values Sun Shine Duration, the following dialog is shown:

Input frame

In the upper part the geographic coordinates of the location for which the values of the sun shine duration are given is specified. The coordinates are used to compare the given sun shine duration with the maximum possible sun shine duration in each month. The ratio of these two values reflects the cloud cover.

In the lower part mean values derived from meteorological measurements are provided for numerous stations in Germany. These values are provided by the Deutscher Wetterdienst.

If you want to find the station which is nearest to the location in question, proceed as follows:

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